“Three” does not leave the lion with a bow on the back of the take-over

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Telecoms firm Brand Three has agreed to remain a Chelsea shirt sponsor. After threats to suspend cooperation in March in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Back about three months ago, the Blues were sanctioned by the British government. As a result of former ufabet team owner Roman Abramovich’s close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Order to lead the army to invade neighboring nations in the west.

As a result, the ‘ Three ‘ brand had to take a stance against Putin ‘s aqueduct in every possible way. Threatening to withdraw the sponsor during the 2021-22  season.

sponsor during the 2021-22  season

However, the two sides continued to compromise. Dragging the situation to a final conclusion until the end of the season until Chelsea secured the acquisition of new owner. Todd Bohly ‘s group for £ 4.25 billion. With approval from both the British government. And the Premier League  

As a result, the noble telecommunications company is ready to stand alongside the ‘ Blues ‘ as South Korean automaker Hyundai Motors up its sleeve.  

” After the sale of Chelsea Football Club has been confirm. The ‘ Three ‘ brand has resume marketing activities with immediate effect, ” a statement from Chelsea said.  

the team was out of control from the state

“ By the result of club sanctions by the British government As a result of the previous owner, when there was a . Kor . through the ‘ Three ‘ official shirt supporters decided to suspend cooperation until the team was out of control from the state. ” 

the FIFA Club World Cup

“ Brand Three has been a supporter of Chelsea starting in 2020 , and since the logo was put on our shirts, it has been one of the most successful moments for the club when men’s football won the Champions League . ., won the FIFA Club World Cup ”

” The women’s team has won 4 domestic championships in both league and cup football and still qualified for the Champions League final throughout that period . ” 

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