Romeu reveals Barcelona are working to bring in Lewan

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Barcelona vice-president Eduard Romeu insists. The club are doing everything possible to reach an agreement with Robert Lewandowski at the request of the coach.

Barcelona’s vice-president of economics Eduard Romeu has reveal. The ufabet club are working to resolve financial issues in order to strengthen the Azul Grana squad at the request of trainer Xavi A. Bernardez, in particular, has signed Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski, according to Marca on Thursday. 

‘If we gain confidence from the members and we can close the operation on the conditions we want. We will be in a normal situation.’

‘Then you depend on the income from the sale of the property and it will be the income. That we will have to manage. That is to say, that’s where it should go to strengthen the team and the responsiveness of the sports area. But it’s important not to forget that we have a lot of debt that we need to continue reducing.’

‘They are two options. We cannot tie past mistakes.’ 

Asked about the possibility of bringing Lewandowski to the team this summer, Romeu replied: ‘He was one of the requests of the technical staff. The player has expressed his wishes. It is very important that players of this level show their inclination to come to Barcelona if we can do our job. He will be a good choice.’